Approximately 20.000 square meters of open area.
Great appearance opportunity for the partner companies and participants with event related content.
Car companies, insurance and oil companies, car part stores, clothing companies and all others who would like to introduce their products and services to the participants of the events.

Price list

The exhibitor package contains:
2 entry tickets, internal parking place, guide book and online advertisement

• 6x6m exhibition area – 1 000 EUR + VAT (Exhibition area I., II.)
• 10x10m exhibition area – 3 000 EUR + VAT (Exhibition area I., II.)
• 15x10m exhibition area – 4 000 EUR + VAT (Exhibition area I., II.)

The packages do not include electricity consumption.



 5*5m (side 2,4m)
25 000 HUF +VAT/ pc/ day

 5*5m  (side 3m)
45 000 HUF+VAT/ pc/ day

Transparent 3x3m (side 3m)
75 000 HUF+VAT/ pc/ day



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